About Us

Positive Growth works to bring Positive Psychology closer to the public, dedicating itself to the construction and editing of Positive Learning resources in order to facilitate the development of training activities for Well-being, Happiness and the discovery of Meanings for Life and Work.


A world in continuous flourishing, composed of happy people, virtuously inspired and committed to building purposeful lives and organizations.


To value the discovering, promote the dreaming, planning the steps and promote Flourishing of the people and organizations.

Principles of Positive Growth

1. Positive: The positive expands to the extent that it is affirmed and appreciated;

2. Social Constructionism: Reality is socially constructed by the dialogues established, the language used, the stories told and the questions asked;

3. Poetic: The interpretation of the stories depends on what is punctuated and the interpreter’s desires;

4. Simultaneity: The questioning style influences the sense of change;

5. Anticipatory: The direction of change is in line with the anticipated results;

6. Relational Goods: They are human experiences where the good is the relationship itself, valuing: identity, reciprocity and gratuity.

7. Scientific: Intervene in human systems with the scientific evidence of Positive Psychology.